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Hard times always reveal true friends

Meanwhile in an AU…

((I’m going to start doing these quick colorless bits,  that way i can do content faster! I’ll tag them as quickies.

the thrill continues!



I made politoed’s icon like a year ago and I decided he needed a new one so here ya go! Now with 100% more Steve! I love you virus frog :L

We interrupt your dash to present you a story about Friendship, forgiveness, and Frogs.

You know, sometimes people asked me about giving politoed a name

So i finally decided! His name is…

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I was practicing shading on that button, there, when i decided to paint a semi realistic Steve,  frog skin and all!

One can dream..


in this episode of spongetoed polipants, spongetoed attempts to get a new friend

Featuring BOO BOO KEYS!



now we need beanie doing leedle leedle lee.


bustin’ makes me feel good.

morning reblog,  because i finished this one really late on the night 

Inspired in our deity poliking!

Guess who learned a bit of 3d! I’m at  food fight modeling levels now!.also obligatory butt shot.

Look before you eat kids!