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tomadachi life if it’s on the e-shop

but it’s 40 bucks ;A;

Do you have shovel knight yet??

But that’s on steam too O: i kind of want some 3ds exclusives

I got 20 bucks in nintendo e-shop.

Can you guys suggest me what to buy?

Inspired in our deity poliking!

Guess who learned a bit of 3d! I’m at  food fight modeling levels now!.also obligatory butt shot.


Once again guys!! groot charms are still for sell on etsy, or just email me at mar.montufar@Hotmail.Com if interested. #Groot #marvel #ent #etsy #charm #crafts #guardiansofthegalaxy

Look before you eat kids!

Toed: No steve! she’s the girl that tried to lift your hat back then!

Big brother Poliwrath and Younger brother Poliwag waiting for mom to bring food. 

For askpolitoed


Dashcon and pokeshaming. Are we popular yet?

Welcome to the Poké Ask Party 2014!



((Hey friends, comrades, boys, and girls of all ages! Today from July 5th and going until July 11th is the Poké Ask Party 2014! Right here in the always beautiful Lumiose City Park! So please! Join us for some fun games and fun times! If you want to join in with us, the event tag will be…

A couple of birthday peeps  firefly and shelds.

here, have a small comparison  between how i draw toed and how he should look  according to politoed biology.





if you were a twin in ancient rome they would name the firstborn and then name the secondborn after the firstborn


if your older twin’s name was geminus, your name would be anti-geminus

that is the equivalent of naming your children steve and not steve

so what happened when triplets were born 

Steve, Not Steve, Definitely Not Steve.